Monday, August 31, 2009

New and Improved Winnie!!! with 50% fewer cavities!!! Finally, after too many months, I visited the dentist and got 2 of my 4 cavities filled. I know, you'd think I brush with that icing that comes in a tube - simple mistake. My health benefits had kicked in (or so I hope) and it was becoming excruciating to eat ice cream - that just couldn't go on.

There are few words that feel worse to say than: "Sorry about the crying."

There are several situations in which one (ok, fine, me/I) might say these words and none of them are good. You've likely just cried in front of someone else who is not crying or at a time and place that should not call for any crying of any kind.

Saying these words to the dental assistant after you've just yelped in pain then full-on cried while the needle is still sticking out of your gums, is the lowest of the low.

I am full-grown and I am too old for this behaviour and yet I knew it would happen. I am not above the pain. I thought reading a Reader's Digest would calm my nerves, but it turns out "Life's Like That" just isn't that funny.

I wonder if my dentist was a young hot guy if I would somehow swallow the tears and act my age. Doubtful, but it would be an enjoyable experiment.

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