Monday, August 31, 2009

Seriously, people...

Ok, I will freely admit that much of the news information I receive comes from the following sources:
- The Early Show on CBS as I eat my cereal each morning
- whatever Roger, Darren and Marilyn tell me as I commute into work
- the blurbs as I check my email

But from these sources I have pieced together an outrageous news story about Abdel Basset al-Megrahi (the person convicted and jailed for the Lockerbie plane bombing of 1988) being released early from life imprisonment on compassionate grounds. He is dying from cancer and has been allowed to go home to Libya to live out his last days.

The craziest part of this story is the hero's welcome he received when he arrived home. And then there is talk of people doing whatever they can to keep Libya (an oil country) happy, or the idea that al-Megrahi's trial wasn't a clean sweep and perhaps he was falsely convicted.

I don't know very much about this, but what are these people thinking?? What do they think life in prison means? I can't even begin to imagine how the families of the victims feel about this - it's like a slap in the face. The solace they might have received on the day of his verdict has been washed away.

No matter what illness or personal 'tragedy' has befallen him, it is my opinion that there is no justification for his early release. It's not like he's committed a crime where he can be considered for early parole based on good behaviour - he's been convicted of killing 270 people!

Are people mad?!

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