Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I went back to the mothership today and picked up a ridiculous number of books. I had requested them (as a dutiful librarian and cheap regular person) and as I cleared out the holds shelf I noticed that someone had requested one of the exact same books as me. What are the chances? Naturally, I checked out the name - Andrew something. I think Andrew and I are going to be very happy together. It's like that Seinfeld episode where Elaine strikes up a blind romance with Vincent, the video store clerk...and he turns out to be 16. Hmmm.
I have sat down for a manicure approximately 2 times in my entire life on account of my fat man hands. Delicate fingernails refuse to grow on these mitts. For whatever reason, actually I know exactly the reason, I have nails of 8 of my fingers for the first time in years. The last 2 are the stunted and retarded cousins of my finger family.

Of the two manicures I have had, none of them have been at one of those cheap Asian joints that smell of chemicals and boredom. I've heard too many stories about Paula Abdul's fungus and honestly, the people who wear those fake talon-sized nails with designs and rhinestones have a special place on my hate-on list.

However, this week I find myself employed every day - a rare occasion - and I can't indulge in a clean, sterile, serene spa visit. So, I went to some fly-by-night place that was probably called Crystal Nails. It was pretty awful and they actually took an electric sander machine to my cuticles. But it was about 8 bucks and I got to watch a show about a big Leaning Tower of Pisa cake.
Does anyone else miss the little catch-thing that used to hold the gas nozzle while filling up? I used to be able to go get a chocolate bar, clean out my car, read, eat my taco with two hands - all the things I love. Now, I am chained to the gas pump like a huffer.
While searching kijiji lately I found that it is possible to purchase oregano or dishwashing detergent.
I love the accidental happen-upon blast from the past. Almost as much as I love finding out that people read my blog. When they happen together, well, what could be better than that? Clearly, I write this for me (you're lucky there aren't grocery lists or a tally of what I ate today on here) and I can't stomach the technology that allows me to monitor traffic, but knowing that someone, anyone reads, makes me beam. Thanks.


  1. Yay!!! Now all we need to do is run into each other sometime. :)

  2. I am a faithful reader of your blog. But I am also unemployed right now and sitting at home all day long. I think that comment you made the other day had some truth to it - "we'll see how much you read it come Sept. when school starts again".... hmmmm. I'm kidding. I love reading your blog. I find it very entertaining. Pictures are always a plus. I give you an A+ Melissa McQueen.

  3. let's get together then...I'll send you an email asap. We'll do it up!