Thursday, August 13, 2009

Julie and Julia and Melissa and Katy

I saw "Julie and Julia" last night with Katy. I found it highly entertaining and it's about time there's a chick flick worth seeing this summer. Watching the trailer I thought I wouldn't be able to get past Meryl Streep's annoying, if apparently accurate voice, and Amy Adams' hideous and confusingly not-that-accurate haircut, but I was wrong.

(And apparently I was wrong about these haircuts looking so different. Hmmm. Ok, I take that back.)

It was funny, warm, sweet and I'm a sucker for any movie that mentions my cooking goddess, Barefoot Contessa. To be fair, this was the first movie I heard her mentioned, but I've just given a gem of information to any filmmaker with me as their target market.
The one thing I couldn't get past was Julie's husband's eating. Not so much eating like a regular adult, but more like slurping, chomping, and devouring like a child who was raised by ill-mannered wolves. It was disgusting. Plus, the movie was all about food and they wasted no opportunity to show him chowing down. It reminded me of when I've been sitting in silence with someone and all I can hear is their chewing and swallowing. It's revolting and last night in the theatre, I kept involuntarily wincing.

I more than occasionally put my elbows on tables and sometimes I speak before my mouth is completely empty, but poor table manners are a complete turn-off. Ugh. That's going on the list for sure.

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