Monday, June 29, 2009

Status of Unrequited Crush

Yeah, that's over. Or at least I'm trying to move past it. Turns out he's a workaholic and while it's perhaps not the worst of the 'aholics', there is something really not sexy about someone who doesn't know when to stop working.

*clean segue into career talk*

I've been thinking a lot lately about My Brilliant Career. I've never really known what I wanted to do. All through high school when my friends were talking about becoming lawyers (never happened, by the way) or accountants (absolutely did happen) or even models (pah!) I was floundering around. I went to university because that's what you're supposed to do and then fell into a menial administrative job.

Then, seemingly on a dare or to fulfill a fantasty (yeah.) I went and got a Masters degree in the Art of Being a Librarian. During the program I was bored out of my mind, but still thought I could make it work and at least I had some direction.

Fast forward to today and I am not a librarian, although I still use it as a pick up line - works every time. I am working in event planning at a small company with people I adore. It fits me to a tee, but I need to figure out a way to make it a full-fledged, move-out, be-a-grown-up career.

While I work that out, I like to daydream about other jobs that I would like to do. And of course, I mean for only a week or two, before the reality set in.

- mail carrier
Pros: walk around all day, alone, getting exercise, listen to music
Cons: small yappy dogs, rain, uniform - my legs don't hold up well to shorts and hiking boots

- hotel housekeeper
Pros: I really like to clean and restore order, I like little toiletries, could watch tv while I work, could take any money I find, right?, chocolates
Cons: used condoms, vomit, making someone else's bed, people stealing things off my cart

- FedEx delivery driver
Pros: drive around all day, alone, everyone loves to get packages, they'd always be happy to see me, I like to drive a big truck with a full size door
Cons: I fear the uniform would be brown and again with the shorts and boots, heavy lifting

Perhaps I should just stick with what I'm doing, where if I actually did wear brown shorts and boots to work I would surely be fired.

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  1. You do not want to be a hotel housekeeper, it will make you despise humanity, or at least the part of humanity who stay in hotels (the gross, inconsiderate, messy part)