Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pong Party

The last couple years my friends and I have spent the month of March doing new things we've never done before.  Our activities have included rock climbing, go-karts, segway tours, and trampolining.  This March, we got a bit of a slow start but last weekend we tried ping pong at Spin in Toronto.  It's basically a bar/club with ping pong tables - a creation of Susan Sarandon.

It was pretty fun, but I found we only needed the hour we booked.  No one is very good and it's so chaotic that we were just trying to hit the ball, rather than play a game properly.  The beauty of it is that you get a bucket of balls to just go to town with and there is a "ball boy" who goes around and picks up the errant balls.  I haven't played since high school in a friend's basement - where all ping pong tables live - and it was a fun little activity.


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