Sunday, March 24, 2013

48 Hours in PEI

Have you ever been to PEI?  I've now been there three times, twice in the past year.  It's a very small place, in both size and influence, but what it lacks in excitement, it makes up for in hospitality. The people there are some of the most friendly and welcoming I've ever encountered.

I was there last week for a work site visit for an upcoming conference and in my hotel suite, I was greeted with candy and lemonade, after a random comment weeks before revealed I enjoy these treats. 

I was wined and dined and even welcomed into my host's home while I awaited my flight.  This flight, by the way, in boarded by actually walking down the runway to the plane.  It's almost like visiting a small Caribbean country.  Almost.

I was also gifted with the obligatory Anne of Green Gables hat and made to pose all around the airport:

The bangs stuck straight out.  The hat is now here at home and I don't know what to do with it.  Although, it's better than the other hat I wore during the visit:

I was also lucky enough to see the most ridiculous jacuzzi tub in one of the finer hotel suites.  Seriously, PEI, you're so cute.


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