Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bored of the Ring

The first Saturday of spring, and a sunny one at that.  How should it be spent?  Hiking, clearing out winter debris from the yard, strolling in the park?  Sure, or you could do what six of my friends and I did and spend it indoors taking in an all-day Lord of the Rings marathon.  Believe me, this was not my first choice, however, I have bossed them around for years, so it's my turn to be agreeable.

Everyone else was pretty keen and also shocked that I have only seen one of the three movies.  So, we descended on our friend Kit's awesome home (with insanely tall doors!) and turned the living room into couch city with air mattresses, pillows , Snuggies and blankets.  No one seemed to get when I kept yelling, "The floor is lava!" which was a frequent phrase from childhood fort days.  Does anyone else get it?

We started around 10am and didn't leave until after midnight, bleary-eyed and exhausted.  If I saw one more battle scene, I would have lost it.  These movies just aren't my cup of tea, but the good news is that I get to pick the next movie marathon day.  First off, it won't be for several years, but I'm thinking Ocean's 11, 12 and 13?  What else has three movies that I would want to subject them to?  And don't say Back to the Future or anything with the word "Star" in the title.

We did take several breaks during disc changes for awesome food, including a thematic stew, a walk to the end of the block, and a random pellet gun activity.  We were trying to hit the cherry tomato on this gnome's head.  We failed.

Of course it was a great day to just hang out with my friends and for me, it's the true test of friendship - if the day can be filled with orcs, elves, wizards and this annoying stare:

...and I still have a good time, that means I have great friends.  Plus it was great to see this handsome fella again.  Every time I see him I'm wearing a Snuggie...

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