Sunday, March 17, 2013

Plenty of Bleak

It seems like it has been a long time since I have blogged (read: complained) about the online dating scene. Well, today after being inundated by more stupidity than I can handle, it is time.

Here is a snapshot of what sort of messages you can expect as a single woman on an online dating site (verbatim from my Inbox):

- "Sure, you can bowl, but have you ever done MSN Live Bowling – that is the question."

- "wanking about on some dodgy foreign web site. wouldn't you like to know mate . well surf away , surf surf , and bloody surf & Travel, travel heaps of fun, been to too many bloody places, love the planet. Not to mention a schooner of carlton draught and fair go mate. .Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI , Thank god for the best place on earth. Fairdinkum"
- "hey there, you look familiar, were you ever in a porno?"

Reading their profiles also reveals lots of gems that make me consider joining the nunnery.
- "I'm a real laddies man"  So, I'm presuming this is a gay man or a bad speller.  Neither is what I'm looking for.
- "$$$$$$$$$"  That was his entire profile.
- "Life is for living." Commence eye roll.
- "I won't bite...unless you want me to." Continue eye roll.
And I don't mean to be judgemental (ha), but I'm also not interested in dating the following:
- grandfathers
- men who post pictures of themselves with their multiple rabbits
- men who have dressed up as Spock for three Hallowe'ens in a row
- men who list "walking" as an interest - really?
- any of these guys:

I'm sorry, but are they living in some sort of alternative universe where we would be a match?

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