Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Paris: The Company

I have not travelled with my brothers before without my parents. They were doing the whole Europe thing and we crossed paths in Paris. They bunked with me and luckily were nice enough to not make me take a turn on the floor. It was great to see them there, especially Jaret who I haven't seen since May as he is deployed overseas.

We were adults. No kicking the back of the seat in a cross Canada road trip. No fighting over who gets the sugar cereal. No hitting. It was nice. We talked about our lives, the future, where to get the best wireless on the block - les Starbucks, as it turned out.

Every time I tried to get a picture with the three of us for posterity and parentals they always looked like they weren't even with me. Like this shot:

My face shows that I can tell they're not paying attention.

I said that it looked like they were menacing weirdos that were trying to pick-pocket me and smarten up! So, in the next one, they pretended to do just that. However, I ended up missing 20 Euro.....

I can't really recall what he looks like without a weird face. And, yes, we took a tour bus. Just for 2 stops and shut up, it was free. We treated it like a cab with an added rain bonus.
The next generation....

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  1. I don't know why but I LOVE photos of siblings and these are all great.