Friday, September 17, 2010

My driveway is STEEP!

All summer I wanted to try out my "new" roller skates that I bought a year ago and on Sunday, what I expect to be one of the last nice days, I decided I had better hop to it. This is really something that should have been attempted with a friend.

This is me contemplating which friend I should call: (btw, those are my fingers, not breakfast sausages)

Proximity was key as I was losing the light, but closest friend wasn't home and I don't think my tenants really want to be that kind of neighbour. So, I soldiered on myself.

I made it once around the car grasping to windshield wipers, door handles, antenna. Then I fell.

And that was the end of the rollerskates. Back to the bottom of the closet with my ice skates (which I actually use) and skipping rope (which I only used one summer in Ottawa and only because I was friends with a really athletic, exercise-y girl).


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