Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Return of Winnie

I am a chronic returner. Somehow, I think I return more than I buy and in most cases, I enjoy the refund more than the purchase. Yesterday, I reached a new level in my hobby: I returned 4 items I had bought last week and actually made money! How is that possible? I could now make my returning into a profitable side career.

I look at returning as a challenge. In the past I have successfully returned the following:
- one pair of running shoes that had been worn by sweaty boy in 2 basketball games (required dedicated cleaning that was in vain when salesgirl didn't even open the box)
- one toaster that I had bought at a garage sale - returned to the original retailer
- gum
- magazine subscriptions
- embarrassingly, a line of skin care products that I bought from an infomercial. Yes, they might have been from Cindy Crawford.


  1. GUM?!?! Are you serious? I can't even IMAGINE being the person behind you in line as you're actually returning a pack of gum!

  2. What about the open bottle of booze?! That was great! "Uh, hi. After drinking half of this bottle it made me really sick...I would like a refund."

  3. Oh right! I totally forgot about that. The LCBO is surprisingly lenient in their policy.