Sunday, January 31, 2010

LG Short Film Fest

Happened upon this event on Thursday - the finale of the LG Film Fest at the MOD Club. I invited Julie and Ryan and had no idea what to expect. Turned out to be pretty fun - open bar, free popcorn, George Strombolopolous, Jamie King, short films, swag and a K-Os concert.

One thing that was shocking and annoying was how loud and disrespectful the crowd was. People are talking, films are being viewed and so many people were completely and rudely not paying attention. George and two other hosts had to not only shush the crowd, but actually ask for them to quiet down. Several times. It was like trying to wrangle 500 second graders.

I made the roving photog take this photo twice because I looked pregnant. Turns out it's just the shirt I chose.
There were four films that were finalists, each under 5 minutes. I had two favourites, one was the winner.

Favourite #1: Til My Voice Is Gone

This film is so sweet, endearing and I love the song. It's a really cute 5 minutes. You should watch it. Apparently, the lead is Ed Asner and I think I was supposed to recognize him, but I didn't.

Favourite #2: Nuit Blanche

This reads most like a film and it's visually beautiful. It won first place and $100,000. I like the idea it puts forth, that life is about those fleeting moments that could always be around the corner. The possibility.

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