Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thoughts of a Crazy Girl with Insta-Crush

Don't you love those rare moments when you see/meet someone you actually like? The thoughts that race through my head are totally ridiculous.

The other night I was at College Street Bar with my boss; we were scouting out a band for some upcoming weddings. As we sat and sipped our Pinot Grigio, it turned into Beautiful Man night at the bar- I guess Sundays are good for that. Note to self.

So we're sitting, listening, gossiping, judging (as we do) and I noticed Beautiful Man: Exhibit 1 at the end of the bar. Sadly, all of these thoughts entered my mind at some point:
- Wow. Is he for real?
- I have to text SB - we are so coming here next weekend.
- Nice shirt - I like the sleeves rolled up, all casual-like. He doesn't care.
- Should I get some more wine? I like wine.
- He's taller than me!
- He's alone!
- Whatever happened to Sade?
- If this bitch behind me elbows me one more time....I sure hope I don't have to figure out how to finish this thought.
- I wonder if I could slyly take a picture. Hmmm. Too stalker? Yes.
- Uh, where'd he go?! Ok, there he is.
- Well-groomed, good dresser, chill, has rhythm, check, check, check.
- Oh no, what if he's gay?
- I'm going to text SB and tell her I think he might be gay.
- What if he thinks I'm with Rob? Why can't he act more gay? Maybe he should but his scarf back on. The hot pink shirt isn't enough.
- Ok, that's better.
- Wait, he's drinking a pint of beer. I'm pretty sure that means straight. I have never seen Rob drink beer. I don't think I've even heard him say 'beer'.
- He's looking over here. Smile. Uh uh, not too much!
- Why did I wear this? You know vests make you look like a lesbian! You know this!!!
- Oooh, I think that was a smile back. Although it's pretty dark in here.
- He's waving!!!
- Not at you...put your hand down. Talk to Rob.
- Sigh.
- Ok, but he's still alone, just making small talk, not making out with his girlfriend. Or boyfriend.
- What? Rob wants to go? Nooooooo. Ply him with more wine. Talk about his shoes, he loves that.
- Keep smiling.
- Fine, we'll go. Eye flirt, eye flirt. There you go. Take a mental picture - seriously, it's a guarantee you won't meet a man that beautiful for at least another couple months, more if you stay in Hamilton.
- One foot in front of the other, look over shoulder, looking at you! Ok, that's enough.
- Sigh.

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