Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Waxing Poetic

The Madame Tussauds Wax Museum - I've never really seen the point.  People get that it's just wax, right?  It's the same thing as walking though a room full of cardboard cut-outs and if I wanted to do that, I'd just go to my neighbourhood Shoppers Drug Mart where a random Justin Beiber cut-out works the cosmetics counter.  It freaks me out everytime I see it.

When I was living in New York City, the Madame Tussauds in Times Square would put out on the sidewalk a different figure every day.  And so, even though it seems very dumb and even though he would never look at the camera, Tracy and I took a picture.  However, it is not as dumb as paying $30 to tour the museum.  They're not REAL, people!!!

(Man, what was I thinking with those teeny tiny sunglasses?)

I've always thought that the likenesses weren't quite spot on.  By this I mean, they look like a melting version of the best impressionist working the clubs off the Vegas strip.

However, it seems like they finally got one right:

As opposed to this utter failure. I'll give anyone $5 right now if they can identify who this celebrity wax figure is meant to be:

Another time while in New York City (or probably the same day, judging from my outfit) we actually met Scary Spice.  Those who know me, know how major a life event this was.  However, any time anyone sees the picture (proudly displayed in my kitchen, near the .... spice rack, if you will) they automatically think it's a wax mannequin.

But all I have to do is whip out the first picture that she and I took together, just moments before, and it is clear that it was all too real:

I think her exact words after our first attempt were, "Bollocks, that was shitty.  Let's try again.  And then let's be best friends.  Will you replace Ginger?" 

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