Sunday, April 1, 2012


I've lived in my house for two years now and I'm finally filling my walls.

Project #1:

Living room - I had been collecting these empty ornate frames at garage sales for several years and was unsure what to do with them. I also bought some frames with paintings and after the disappointment of not finding any proof that they were priceless works of art or had treasure maps hidden behind them, I had quite the collection.

I came up with this idea and spray painted some of them high-gloss black. It's my favourite project in the house. And very inexpensive. Nevermind about all the holes I'll have to repair in the plaster one day.

Project #2:

The gallery wall has been done everywhere, but I still really like it and thanks to IKEA, it's pretty easy. The hardest part is getting them all even and level. But by the time you get to this wall in my basement, you've likely already knocked your head on the low ceiling, so your perception might be skewed just enough.

This is my favourite picture I've taken - it was from my last LG Fashion Week when I worked in events in Toronto. It was a snapshot of my what my days there consisted of - all-access pass, stilettos, lattes, phone. The only thing you can't see that clearly is the stress, lack of sleep and snobby models. But they're there.

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