Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not Only Older, But Wiser

Things I have learned this past year:

- Life is too short to eat inexpensive, thin, lifeless bacon. I will splurge on $8.99 bacon. I deserve better. My sandwich deserves better. To this, I have committed, and my whole life is surely set to change.

- Dating seems to be about double standards. I didn’t realize it at first, but it’s become irritatingly clear in 2010. In recent years, I’ve enjoyed my single life the best way I know how and have mostly focused on my happiness. I wouldn’t say I’ve been malicious or insensitive towards anyone really (aren’t I glad I have the power to moderate the blog comments!) but I’ve just maneuvered my way through with myself as a priority (that’s the luxury of being a single girl).

Turns out, as they say, karma is a bitch. There have been a couple instances this year where the look of indignation and shock on my face at the actions of some men is likely identical to how others have felt about my treatment of them. In fact, on more than one occasion, I had to be reminded that I did the exact same thing to Bachelor X and I am only now having it done to me. It’s all double standards. Oh well, it’s part of the deal, I suppose. Forces humility, my favourite.

- The perfect sandwich or sitting down to a sushi meal makes me so happy. Really, so, so happy. Probably more than a meal should, but I’m not going to fight it.
- Let it go! It’s really easy to get caught up in stressing about my life, how it compares to the norm, how much money I have, my Brilliant Career, what I’m ‘doing with my life’ and all the pressures that can bog anyone down. But I’ve learned to just relax. Frankie Says Relax! There will always be more money, there will be decades ahead of me for settling into the lovely life that most people strive for, there will always be comparisons and there will always be things that can have the power to overwhelm me.

More importantly, I’ve been able to remind myself that being a twenty-something is a pretty sweet spot in the overall life journey. This is the time when I can come home at 4am several nights in a row and not have any repercussions (besides perhaps a hangover), this is the time when I have freedom to live as I choose, this is the time to wear the high heels and mini-skirts, this is the time when we’re supposed to be making the stupid decisions and creating hilarious stories that we can relive our entire lives. (Ok, so maybe the stupid decisions thing will have to fall by the wayside, especially because I’m often plagued with being such a sensible girl.)

We are so lucky to be in the position we’re in right now and we are so fortunate to have all the opportunities, people, love and abilities that we have. There is no reason to wish this time away by looking to others and longing for the ‘proper’ pathway of life. Ok, this is getting too faux-deep, but it’s just really become clear to me how happy I am and how lucky I am to be living the life I am. Right now. It’s a gift.

- Bags of milk freeze very well.

- Pinot grigio and gew├╝rztraminer are my favourite varieties of wine, and not only because they’re popular. And not only because gew├╝rztraminer is really fun to say.

- Cheese makes me really happy.

- Turns out I like the nice guys. I guess I had an epiphany this year - the jerky, selfish guys aren't actually that much fun. To be clear, I wasn't that after-school special wimpy girl who liked to be treated poorly by guys, it's just that I thought I preferred someone with some edge and sharp wit to someone so saccharine sweet and kind. What was up with that? How did 'kind' become a liability? I'm very pleased to be reminded that there are people that reside somewhere wonderfully in the middle. Their niceness doesn't give me cavities but they're not assholes either. Rereading this, it may not be coming out exactly as I had hoped, but I'm at work and really should get back to it.

- Monterey Jack isn't actually a cheese. According to Chef, it's a McCreation produced by fast food restaurants. That doesn't mean it isn't delicious though.

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