Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 Year in Review

Looking back on 2010, quite a bit has happened in my life. As I sit and reflect, I like to list what I’ve done, what I’ve gained, lost, loved and most importantly, what I ate:

- aerobics classes: 2 (With names like Yogilates Chisel and Rhythmic Rockbody Power they should consider themselves lucky I even showed up to two. I hate the classes, I just don’t have the co-ordination to master moving my right knee in tandem with my left arm. Don’t believe me? Here is a video from 2007 where my friends were trying to help me.)

- Parisian travel dreams realized: 1
- haircuts: 1
- houses purchased: 1
- souls sold to the mortgage powers that be: 0.5
- friendships lost: 1 (C’est la vie.)
- friendships gained or rekindled: 6 (This is a wonderful figure, especially as it’s harder to bring new people into the fold as you get older.)
- number of times I slept on the floor: 3 (This is an improvement on last year, as it should be – I’m almost 30 for Pete’s sake!)
- drunken blog posts: 1
- drunken texts: Ha!
- drunken leaf raking: 1
- number of times I have fallen: 15 – 25 (Conservative estimate. Includes the time I fell on the ice while carrying a mirror. Most recently, I have been discovering a plethora of bruises the morning after a big night out – what is that about? New Year’s Eve revealed bruises in very strange locations, like the top of my foot, palm of my hand and, of course, my spirit.)
- collective sports games I have viewed (including hockey, soccer and basketball): 3
- first dates: 5, I think? – this figure does not include recurrences
- first dates at Milestone’s: 2
- funerals attended: 3
- times my face graced the pages of the local newspaper: 3
- 30th birthdays celebrated: 3 (none of which were mine, luckily)
- sushi eaten, in ounces: 478, approximate figure, and not nearly enough
- concerts attended: 1 (This number is really low – must remedy this in 2011. Surely Aqua will be planning a reunion tour this year, right?)
- beach days: 2 (Dismal, but alleviated by the number of poolside and park days.)
- needles: 6
- mice killed: 2
- Thai food eaten: practically none since I allowed myself to admit that I don’t like it. The truth has set me free.
- ‘Book Club’ joined: 1
- number of books our ‘Book Club’ has actually read: 0
- hours of hilarity spent with dear 'Book Club' friends: 50 (This has been one of my favourite things of 2010 – the laughs, the tears, the men discussed – couldn’t imagine a better way to spend countless Tuesday nights and Sunday brunches.)

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