Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's Eve Recap

New Year’s Eve was a fabulous time followed by an even more fabulous New Year’s Day. I think I’ve mentioned before that a fitting New Year’s Eve celebration is a big deal to me – it can’t just be like any other night and I hope I don’t ever spend one in sweatpants (we have to have goals, right?).

So, I’m extremely grateful that there is still a small faction of my friends who will join me in the debauchery that involves $60 party tickets, waiting in vain for cabs, and, if I’m to be honest, occasionally some sickness. This year, Ryan, Julie, Paul and myself did it up in Toronto and although I was worried the gig at a downtown hotel would be full of parents and ‘grown-ups’ wearing furs, it turned out to be a pretty fun party.

Our 2nd New Year’s Eve in this fashion included sushi, free pizza (21 minutes?!? I don’t think so!), champagne, Hypnotiq, a combination of both, and Julie and I trying new things to our hair and eye make-up. Needless to say, it didn’t all work out the way we had hoped. This is the length I went to for some volume. It didn't work at all.
We had a great time and it was certainly another memorable way to ring in the New Year. The next day, we eschewed any schedule or responsibilities whatsoever and laid around from1:30pm, when we awoke, until 2:30am the following day. Prone and sprawled out in the living room, we watched movies, YouTube videos, a break-up that occurred in the driveway and the day slip away. We ordered in food, talked and generally enjoyed the sloth among friends. I wouldn’t change a thing. I wish more morning-afters could be that way.

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  1. Ohhhh, you all look SO FABULOUS for New Years! Glad the night was so much fun!