Monday, January 17, 2011

New Music Monday

New feature for 2011 - Music Monday

While I have no shame telling you that my musical library consists of mostly pop bands, every album Mariah Carey has ever produced, anything with the word 'Spice' or 'Girls' in it (this is how I ended up with a salsa CD) and the lone Beatles CD, I can see the value in expanding my musical horizons. As an aside, am I the last person on the planet who still buys CDs? Really? How did this happen? I have an IPOD thing, but I haven't found it to be convenient for listening in my car or in my house. Have I missed an entire sector of the technology arena? Hmm, maybe it's the same arena that gives people Internet connections at home.

In any event, I have decided that each Saturday, during my weekly library visit, I will pick up 4 or 5 CDs of musicians/bands that I have never listened to before or anything that is new to me.

This is what I uncovered this week:
I'm not a stranger to Bette Midler, but I hadn't heard this album before. It's no Beaches soundtrack, but it has some great tracks - you have to be in the mood. And I'll be honest I sort of gave up on this one early as it kept skipping. Damn library patrons. Maybe this is why you people do this downloading.

There is one Jason Mraz song I love from years ago so I gave him a shot. Loved it! Track 3 and 4 were on constant repeat the entire week. He's sort of a mix between Jack Johnson and Jamiroquai and he does some didly boop boop style scatting. There was one uncomfortable instance where I was driving with my boss somewhere and Track 3 is all sweet and lovely and she liked it. Then Track 4 talks about using his body as a stripper pole and undoing his pants - awkward. Like the dirty karaoke with underage cousins or watching movies with your parents.

Morrissey holds the same place in my head as Rage Against The Machine and Miles Davis - I've heard of them, but haven't ever heard them and wasn't sure I was cool enough to be a fan. Turns out he's pretty good, actually. Sort of rock-y and he's got a great voice.

This is a joke. Scarlett, just stick to being a sex symbol and acting vacant in your movie roles. This CD is awful. Awful. She sounds like she's falling asleep - I'm sure this is part of her goal to sound sultry but she gets a big FAIL.

I know as much about Wynton Marsalis as I know about, say, the national budget or Louis Armstrong. I don't think Wynton has an airport named after him. He was good for in-the-background blaring while I made nanaimo bars. I'm not gaga.

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