Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I've been up in Kitchener this week for a work project. Kitchener is really annoying. As a Hamiltonian, I am allowed to rag on Kitchener for it is lower than us on the city food chain. I can also slag on London (my least favourite southern Ontario city), Brantford and Windsor. But back to Kitchener - it sucks. The street layout, the lack of logic in Tim Hortons drive thru lanes, the pizza delivery system, the Home Depot signage. Sure, you may not find these things important, but it certainly was at 3am. After driving there twice, I still don't really know how to get there. I kept ending up in Woodstock or Milton - it's like my car didn't even want to go there.

However, the one thing that was good about my Kitchener stay was that we ate breakfast at Cora's (both days because there were no other options!).

Hamilton has a Cora's but I've never been. When I lived in Ottawa I went a couple times and I really love a place that dedicates itself to one thing. And breakfast is glorious. I would like to see a restaurant that dedicated itself to grilled cheese. Only grilled cheese, but every possible type. Call it WonderKraft.
Attention: Every Single Other Breakfast Place, follow Cora's lead and create a menu item that has ALL of the following:

- bacon or other meat
- French toast (Brioche if possible)
- fruit
- eggs
- toast

I always want all these elements but no one offers this. It was splendid. How hard is this? Call it the Winnie.
How is is that I have been on 3 first dates at a Milestone's? Actually, at the same Milestone's. I didn't even realize this until halfway through my salad the other day, but something about me says, "Take me to Milestone's". Why are their menus so heavy and huge? I usually just order something on the first page because I can't be bothered to flip through.
I obviously like my Tupperware, however, it wasn't until recently that I realized how much it can actually do. Get ready to have your mind blown.

Exhibit A: A is for Aw, bummer, that celery is so limp...

Exhibit B: B is for But wait! The Tupperware Lady told me that this new container will bring dead vegetables back to life...

Exhibit C: C is for crisp celery, ready to crunch!
Sure, I did end up throwing it out still, but it did work. I know a great Tupperware guy - Tupperman Dan - if anyone would like some for themselves.
It is official, my domination of the southern Ontario real estate celebrity realm is gaining speed. I have now been in the Spec Homes section of the Spectator two Saturdays in a row. Luckily this week, they featured the picture with me wearing shoes. Soon I will surely have my own design column on how to come across in the media as a designer without having any training whatsoever.

I've been surprised how many people read the Homes section as I've had several people call me about the article. Ok, fine, so one of them was my friend's mom, but it still counts. Each week I creep a little closer to the front page.
Smile Text of the Week:

Hey crackerpants! How are things?

Can't help but smile at the absurdity.
Well done, PT.


  1. Hey where is the Cora's in Hamilton? in Ancaster?

  2. Yeah, until the new mayor "looks into" de-amalgamation, Ancaster still counts to me as Hamilton. Tough luck, 648s.

  3. Hey, JFYI, there's a restaurant in Kensington Market completely dedicated to Grill Cheese. :)