Monday, October 18, 2010


The latest billboard to puzzle me – I seem to spend more time than I should considering the messages in billboards – are the egg farmers advertisements. I don’t get this. The same way I didn’t really get the Got Milk ads, although I did enjoy them.

Why are the farmers concerned about increasing people’s awareness about eggs and milk? These are basics – of course we’re going to buy them. And I don’t care what brand I buy, I put no thought into it other than checking to see that the eggs are not cracked. It’s like advertising for the LCBO - of course I'm going to get my booze there. What am I going to do? Make my own?! There are no other options. Same with eggs and milk.

The only things I really need to know about eggs are who is buying the eggs that come in size small and how do I hard boil them without them turning grey? And, to be honest and risk coming off as an ignoramus, if instead of cooking the eggs I kept them warm, would they hatch into chickens? No, really, I don’t know.

It reminds me of this time in grad school when I was living with a bunch of strangers and I kept hearing things in the fridge. I was convinced it was a hatching chicken and made my roommate investigate with me to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Turns out I was and we didn’t really speak much after that.

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