Thursday, March 18, 2010

Randomness...with pictures

I am fully entrenched in the craziness that is LG Fashion Week. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was crying, subsisting on triple lattes, 3 hours of sleep per night and trying to "Keep Calm and Carry On" and yet, here I am again.

If my posting gets slack-y, that's why.

As for today, here is the beauty of my morning:

**pictured removed by Winnie Cooper - thanks to the Blog Safety Patrol of Ry & Julie**

Yep, that is 3 tickets for speeding! THREE!!!! I plan on having a bake sale to pay for them - double chocolate demerit brownies anyone?
How can this happen!?!? I am so furious, but I'm trying to remain positive. C'est la vie. I also brought home my new (old) couch today, so I look at it as no longer free, but costing me $350. Yeah.

Love love love couch in the space! Starting to feel like an actual living room now.

As an equally important side note:
What is going on with this guy's hair? Seriously! I know you love him, Aunt D, but it's ridiculous...he needs to do something about this right away. Otherwise I might have to relegate him from my "I don't notice you in any part of my life" category to the newly created "Keith who?" category. He can join Richards and Obermann there.

Oh also, these jeans that I wore while painting my place for three weeks - why do I get the distinct feeling that they would easily go for $165 at Abercrombie? The distressed style seems to be popular among douchebags and skanks - I think I could get a pretty penny if I hang out near American Apparel. Ooh, maybe I should make them cut-offs and pair with tights. Ugh.


  1. Yep, make them cut-offs with black tights, match them with shiny pink high heels, and some sort of giant accessory and you could seamlessly blend into Montreal. for realz.

  2. Wow. And Montreal is our country's fashion capital? Sad state of affairs.