Saturday, March 13, 2010

One night in Bangkok

Friday night. Rainy, but we mustered up the enthusiasm on the white-knuckled drive to Toronto. Rush to get ready. Tried in vain to make my hair resemble something other than limp linguine. Meeting birthday party group at Embassy - my first time there. In line something seemed unusual...While I'm often the tallest person...well, anywhere, I wasn't used to being several feet taller than everyone in line. And our foursome were literally the only non-Asian partiers on the sidewalk. As we walked in and were frisked (?!) we quickly learned that Embassy on a Friday is either a known Asian Night or we stumbled down 6 stairs into Bangkok.

It was quite the strange feeling, being the obvious minority and everyone turned to stare at us. While I am often prone to exaggeration, I am being 100% serious when I say that there were fewer than 20 non-Asian people in the entire club.

At five minutes to midnight we learned that there were $2.50 drinks until midnight and we reacted as if we were never going to get another drink again. Double-fisted, we danced among the sea of shorter people and felt like kings.

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