Saturday, March 13, 2010


Curing a hangover is like trying to settle a collicky baby.

You try anything to make it feel better and stop screaming out in pain.

Do you want water? Do you want food? Burger, milkshake and fries? Will you feel better if you throw up? What if you just sit on the bathroom floor? Sleep? Will sleep do it? Here, drink more water. How about we leave the house? You wanna go out, do ya? Hot water bottle?

What? What?? What DO YOU WANT? Just stop it! What?

This is what I've been dealing with all day.

The car ride home discussion included these tidbits:
- Why do we do this to ourselves?
- Seriously, we're like goldfish who forget this pain by the next weekend.
- We're not grown-ups. Nope, we are not grown-ups.
- We should know better. This isn't worth it.
- How OLD are we?

and the old faithful...

- I am NEVER drinking again.


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