Sunday, March 21, 2010

Optimizing my Happiness

About once every 18 months, the most magical, wonderful thing happens: I am able to redeem my Shoppers Optimum points. And if I'm really lucky, I can do so on a weekend of increased points.

So, today I got $200 worth of products for free! It's an amazing plan, this Optimum thing. Why people don't all use it is baffling to me. I also have it on my credit card so the points add up so fast.

There are very few things I like more than something that is free. I don't even really care what it is - if it's free, I become instantly a little happier. Fashion Week is great for freebies, but all that stuff, while great, are not things I chose. At Shoppers, it's literally like I've been given $200 in cash and am set to wander around the store and throw anything in the cart.

Check out what I got today:

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