Sunday, February 28, 2010

Paying it forward...pays off

I went to Ikea today to use up the $20 coupon I had from buying our Christmas tree. Today was the last day to use it and I figured I could pick up some house stuff. There was nothing there for me! I was annoyed.

So, I was leaving and decided to give the coupon to someone else - just to be nice. Yes, I can be nice. I scanned the line-ups and picked a couple that looked like me or someone I might be friends with. After giving them the coupon, they were pleased but a bit confused. I walked away and got that good feeling that comes along with a randon act of kindness. It's so weird how it works every time.

I then went to get a frozen yogurt from the Ikea snack stand and considered adding 2 hotdogs for fifty cents - always a good idea. As I was paying, the guy I gave the coupon to came up and offered to pay for my cone. He put a $5 bill on the counter as I protested. He insisted, smiled and walked away, thanking me. He was also extremely cute...too bad about the girlfriend who wore a lot of make-up.

It was so nice to get a thank you that was completely unexpected! In the end, my minor nicety resulted in me profiting $3.95.


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