Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here we go!!!

Now that the housewarming party has come and gone, the real work begins. After the hangover subsided, I did the following things:
- took stock of all the boozey gifts I acquired - gotta love that!
- accepted the fact that I was responsible for breaking two glasses at the party
- booked a massage to remedy the back pain caused by crashing on the bare living room floor with my friends, a la adult daycare
- ripped up the soiled, wretched carpet in the basement
- had minor hissy fit while getting underpad debris in my eye
- ate dried out olives
- stopped to realize how much work is ahead of me


Tonight I went to Home Depot, a place I expect to spend a lot of time at in coming weeks, and I had no idea how much stuff costs!! I hate to sound like the sheltered princess, but I'm really naive about all this. A gallon of primer = $30! I dropped $500 on ceramic tiles and then I had to carry them all on my own! Well, Dad helped, but shouldn't the Home Depot people do that?

Hardwood floors get refinished tomorrow and I'm going to buy a dining table from a potentially sketchy Kijiji - with the last name Tomato. Yep, full steam ahead!!

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  1. Congrats on the house and good luck! You're a brave soul; Home Depot intimidates me, as does most manual labour.