Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm sorry, WHAT?

What is wrong with people!?!?!

I've been doing the Kijiji and Craigslist thing recently - wanting to get some deals for new (old) furniture and so far I've been pretty lucky. No crazies, only really nice, polite people, and nothing sketchy.

Although there was that one dining set picture that had a shirtless beer bellied guy holding up the chair. That was less than appealing.

Because I'm so ... thrifty, I tend to lowball and think it a failure to pay the asking price. And I see nothing to lose in just asking to take less - besides, it's usually all over email. Who cares?

Today I encountered my first crazy person on Kijiji. Here is how the email back and forth went:

Winnie Cooper: Hello, Is this cabinet still available? Are you flexible on price? Thank you.

**see? very nice, polite...**

Crazy Kijiji: call #

**Uh, no I don't want to - email is always better. And what? Is he going to try and sales pitch me? Which of my questions required phone talks -none! So, he's annoying and a little sketchy. He could have just emailed me the answers in fewer words than his stupid "call #". So I don't call. I'm busy.**

Before I email back or do anything, about 1 hour, I get this:

Crazy Kijiji: don't bother, I can see your just a time waster, will sell to someone else

**!!!!!!!!!!!! What? Is he serious? I don't call him right away and I get this? WHO is this? Seriously - certifiable. Plus, poor grammar.**

I then get my back up and in full finger snap wagging style, write a rebuttal and then tone it down to this: (I almost considered calling him so he would get the full intonation of the message)

Winnie Cooper: Excuse me? It sounds like you're the one wasting time by not emailing answers - instead waiting for me to call. Has it occured to you that I'm not in a position to call right now? Who do you think you are?!?

Then this:

Crazy Kijiji: don't bother us, find someone else, to bring an antique piece to your door, FREE of charge

**I started replying then thought my time was better spent bitching to my blog readers about this guy. Seriously, I'm baffled. Who is this guy? It's a shame because I really adored the cabinet.**

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