Monday, December 14, 2009

It Snow Problem..

After the sixth emergency vehicle flew past me on the highway this morning, I got a feeling that this would be a long commute. Two and a half hours later I arrived at work. Surly. And all this because there was a snow warning. A freaking warning!!! There was no snow to be seen but because the newscasters and radio deejays were alerting us to the impending doom that will surely be brought on by 5 cm of snow, everyone was freaking out.

Ok, people, yes, we live in Canada. It is cold here. We will get snow. Just because we saw the first November without snow since 1932 it does not mean we are exempt. It snowed last year. We got through it. Stop being such ninnies!!!

I hate snow as much as the next person - or at least driving in it or shovelling it, but even I suck it up. It's just a lot of fear mongering. Who benefits from getting everyone all riled up? It surely wasn't me on my commute or my new suede boots as they walked on litres of preparatory sidewalk salt.

Instead of freaking out and complaining, let's all agree to focus on the positives about snow.
1) the crunch under your feet
2) the fun that is brushing the snow off your car - so satisfying
3) how pretty it all looks when you're inside with grilled cheese and cocoa
4) how when you come home late at night and the whole street is even more silent because it's been muffled
5) that feeling when you step on snow but they the crust breaks away and your foot falls in

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