Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Things I loved about this past weekend:
Joe Fresh, here's why:

- all the dresses have pockets

- everything costs less than $40 - including coats and aforementioned dresses

- having a clothing line in a grocery store is a great idea - if you've been there for three hours, you get pretty dehydrated. So, you just head to the juice aisle or pick up some whole roasted chickens.

- chic, classic, super cute clothes at a budget MelMac can love

Weather. Sunshine, beautiful temperatures, perfect for sitting on a porch.

Rolling into Koi like it's our local pub. We know the drill, we love the music, it's chill - we should get a Frequent Dancer program that waives the cover fee. Please. Don't you know who I am?

When someone uses a pickup line on me that involves a trivia question. In hindsight, I think it was a mistake to have given him my standard fake. Hmm.

Surprisingly, I had a really good time at a birthday/breast cancer fundraiser party that really turned out to be a thinly masqueraded stag and doe style affair. Despite the loonie tosses and raffle prizes, it had $25 all you can drink and I rocked that party!

Things I didn't love about this past weekend:

Um, hello? Didn't you read my previous post?

2 hangovers - one too many for a single weekend

Jehovah's Witnesses at the door

Tripping on the curb on the way into a bar, falling flat on my face, scraping my shoulder and knee. I didn't cry though. Minor victory.

Being denied admission to the bar because the bouncer thought I was too drunk. I was flabbergasted. Then the person I was with was slurring so that didn't help my cause. I was about to say that this has never happened before, but I've been reminded that years ago I was able to get my entire group kicked out of a bar line because I was leaning up against a window sill, barely coherent.

Things I'm on the fence about this past weekend:

If I want to see someone again because he went on and on about my dress Saturday night. It's a rad dress and I appreciate that he noticed, but I was kinda over him. We'll see.

Paul's man scarf. He calls it a keffiyeh or something. Whatever - he looks like Yasser Arafat. Being the amazing wing-woman that I am, I used it as an opener for him with the chicks. I asked them if they thought he was pulling it off or if they thought he was gay. Mixed reactions. But it got him some girls, so maybe it's a draw.

What do you think?


  1. I vote 'cancel' for the scarf. Paul needs to be a few years younger (ie 15 years younger) and needs to wear skinny jeans to pull this off.

  2. I think I need to see the whole outfit. Can you scootch over Melissa?

  3. Hmmm..yeah I kinda dominate the shot, huh?

  4. A girl bought me a rum and coke because of that scarf! If it get me a drink from a guy or girl, i'll wear it every day!

    Check my latest post to find out more on the 'man scarf'

  5. I am not a fan of the scarf (wasn't that big last year??) But if you got a free drink out of it , I must not be in the majority. Go on with your bad self, PT!

  6. That's a big, fat CANCEL Paul. No good. No good.