Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vegas baby!!!

I am headed for Las Vegas this weekend for some debauchery with my most debaucherous friend. A friend who just barely returned from Barcelona after living like a junkie for ten days. Clearly I will be taking the reins on this holiday and my first order of business is to create a list of goals for Vegas 2009.

1) do not get arrested
2) do not spend more than $150 in bail money if Shari gets arrested
3) eat at Fatburger again

4) pretend to gamble only long enough to get free drinks
5) cash out if I win more than $15 at any casino machine
6) be poolside for at least 45% of each day
7) do not see Criss Angel
8) dress like tart in order to get into clubs I can't afford
9) make flight home

I've been to Vegas before to see only the most incredible of musical groups with my most incredible friend Katy. It was a source of pride for us that we ate exclusively at Fatburger, IHOP, Denny's and buffets. However, that being said, perhaps a tenth goal should be added.

10) eat at least one vegetable each day. Celery stalk in caesar does not count.

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  1. It's cool, hotel buffets have salad bars (although they usually include pudding and jell-o for some reason).