Thursday, April 30, 2009

Las Vegas 2009

Shari and I survived Vegas. I'm not sure if I can say that Vegas survived Shari and MelMac.

Sadly, of the 10 goals I made for my trip, I was only able to attain maybe 4 of them. I'll let you figure out which ones they are.

However, we were able to turn ourselves into Crazy Toupee Woman and Senor Melissa.

Vegas can be a very depressing place when the hangover melts away and you look around in the harsh reality of daylight. Three days is plenty there. I don't even think we ate anything during the first two days. It was mimosas for breakfast, pina coladas for lunch and vodka cranberries until we had to carry each other home.

Partying with a huge group of guys is the best way to do it. Bottle service, VIP, men in suits. It's all good. When we passed by the Bellagio and the fountain was going with 25 men surrounding us - it felt like a perfume ad. Eau de Vegas Vodka.

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  1. Only 4 eh? Oh no, did you see the Mind Freak?