Wednesday, April 8, 2009

India Alfredo

I saw the following news blurb on the City Pulse ticker tape yesterday.

"World's oldest woman turns 115 in L.A. Enjoys extra crispy bacon and sweets."

Is there anything better than that?


Double dose of trivia this week, but only a single serving of victory pie.
Monday night, Kevin and I won, against all odds. Well, against the one obstacle that has been plaguing us in past weeks - the fireplace seats. Whenever we score these comfortable seats that bask in warmth, our trivia scores plummet. The heat turns our brains to mush.

But this week we came out on top, even though we accidentally answered the question:

"Which type of pasta is used the most in North America?"

with the answer:


Yeah. Uh?

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  1. "extra crispy bacon and sweets" eh? You look pretty amazing for 115 :)