Thursday, February 28, 2013

Working From Home

Working from home can be tricky.  Sometimes it is amazing and I thrive on making my own hours and working in my pyjamas while eating hot lunches.  And other times, I feel a bit isolated and it's difficult to remain motivated day after day.  So, when that feeling strikes, I start taking my work elsewhere, at least for a couple hours of the day.

Today, I worked from the Locke Street Starbucks for the early morning.  It's such a wonderful place to be for me.  Any coffee shop, really.  I enjoy working from Mulberry or Cannon Coffee as well.  Being around the bustle of the morning rush crowd, running into acquaintances, hearing the best coffee shop music mixes and, of course, the jolt of caffeine keeps me going.

I enjoyed listening to the group of Jewish men tell stories about their being served pork chops when they were 17 years old and meeting a girlfriend's family.  I enjoyed the awkwardness of staring at a woman while I tried to figure out if it was indeed my waxer.  Turns out, it wasn't.  You'd think I'd remember her face.  I enjoyed humming along to Adele, Amy, and Otis while doing the crossword and reading the paper.

Quite a delightful little morning.  Now, I'm back at my desk, riding the caffeine wave and being very productive.  Until the nap crash.

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