Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Best of Badminton

My favourite things about badminton:

1. When a really great back and forth rally gets going, I get uncontrollably giggly.  I can't stop.

2. When the score is 10 to 4, I like to yell "10-4, good buddy" like I'm barking into my CB radio from my semi.

3. The smash, which I have yet to master.


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  2. My favourite score? When it is all tied up and I can say, "This score, brought to you by an angry German: Nine! Nine!" Make sure you lay on the accent when shouting out the score.

    Another fun one? After the first point of the game, start singing Bob Marley: One love...talking ' life...

  3. Ok, seriously? My guesses about your identity are getting even worse. Your comment made me laugh.