Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Indelible Adele

I am blatantly scooping this from lovely Michelle's blog (www.msmeshell.blogspot.com)- with her clear permission though.

She posted these two songs on her blog last week and while I have heard of Adele in passing, these two videos blew me away and I am now an obsessed fan. Obsessed. I have listened to these two songs on repeat for three days straight.

Her voice is strong and amazing and the videos are beautiful and striking. If I change a couple words in my head, they're both wonderfully relevant too. Her CD came out today and I plan on buying it on Amazon right....now. Well, you know, once I make sure it's not cheaper at Costco.

I wish I could write songs. And I wish I could sing. And I wish I could sing songs that I wrote.

Until then, there's Adele.

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