Thursday, November 26, 2009

Raw Fish Madness

I am addicted to sushi. I can't get enough. So far, this week, I have had it 5 times and honestly, I wish I were eating sushi instead of writing now. There has been good sushi, excellent sushi, bad supermarket sushi, free sushi and sushi eaten secretly in an alleyway.

Eating sushi makes me feel that I'm doing something positive for my body. Rice, vegetables, fish - it seems all good. The only problem is that when an assorted tray arrives at my table or on the cement wall in the alley, I never really know what each piece is called. I can pretty much guess and I like them all, but I would like to know what to order, so I look less like an ignorant white girl. What is that one that has a bit of something crunchy in the middle? Sadly, I have put this question to the waitress this week.

What if they made a sushi roll (maki?) that included an even smaller roll?! Like when you put 2 mirrors facing each other and the image goes on forever. The Mirror Sushi Roll. I put this idea to someone over lunch and it blew his mind. Obviously.

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