Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hallowe'en 2009

Hallowe'en is always a good time. I've had some fun in past years:
- Hula dancer with authentic grass skirt from Hawaii
- Librarian (yeah, yeah, I know - it was super last minute, but at least it was honest)
- Geisha (Japanese girl with the biggest eyes ever)
- Ballerina with non-authentic tulle skirt that I stapled myself

This year, on the stiletto heels of Fashion Week, Hallowe'en crept on me and I had no time to find a costume. So, I rummaged in the attic and wore my mother's actual cheerleading uniform from high school. It was the best costume for the club and the inevitable walk home as there are never any cabs on Hallowe'en - sweater and sneakers.

I like to think the "C" stands for cute. Or cocktail.

The most notable of my group had to be Paul. Dressed as Beyonce from the Single Ladies video or Justin Timberlake from the spoof, he was man enough to wear all spandex.

Love how he's wearing control top pantyhose. Naturally, we had to plan our walk home so it wouldn't include the village.

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