Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LG Fashion Week Snapshot #3

Attention interns, volunteers, security guards, PR girls: during Fashion Week and as long as I am wearing an All-Access pass, I will believe you are below me. I'm not quite sure it happened (although I have a feeling my ever present arrogance and my height had something to do with it) but I took a major power trip during the last few weeks. I took the power trip and had someone else carry my bags and flew first class.

To be fair (or something) we really did run that show there. Three Events were the queens of the tents, second only to Robin Kay and her "skinny minions". We knew what was going on, we knew who everyone was, we were allowed everywhere, our hands were in everything. Also, it was a very stressful week so we were always running around, frantic and breezing past people who were slowing us down. That included the above mentioned people.

If anyone dared to mistake us for a volunteer or someone who shouldn't be allowed in VVIP, the repercussions were enormous. I initially tried to be nice, but then I comfortably settled into the role of Bitchy Important Girl. Constantly on the Blackberry, always with a latte (usually brought to me by an intern), barking orders, makin' it happen - it was pretty fun. In my normal life, I don't get to play this role nearly as often as I'd like, so I ran with it.

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