Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Couple Query

What is with these couples who spend their time together at Walmart or Ikea on a Friday night? It is my belief that the women are dragging their men to accompany them while they do errands and pick out the most plush toilet paper. Am I the only one that thinks this is a sad state of affairs? I am all for spending time with the one you love, and I understand the joy of doing the mundane with your partner, but surely there must be something better to do as a couple on a Saturday night.

The men never look pleased to be there. Watching these couples is like seeing a walking snapshot of marital unhappiness. It makes me wince. Everyone in the whole world is so busy that it would seem to me that the little time a couple gets together should be spent where both parties are happy.

I really enjoy doing errands on my own. I get a sense of accomplishment and it's time for me to be alone. I would never (yes, I know I have the luxury of not being married when I say this) make my husband join me on a trip to Home Depot to buy new lightbulbs on a Saturday afternoon. Nor would I expect him to make me come with him to put gas in the car, or whatever he does. I feel like women (yes, again, I am generalizing) feel slighted by doing household errands that they want the husband to participate/be miserable as well.

I've been in a lot of Home Depots, Ikeas and Walmarts the past weeks and see it time and again, someone being dragged along. Why can't we compromise that I will go do this and you do that and we meet together when we can have fun? Am I wrong on this one? Have I just being seeing the wrong couples? Are there couples out there who walk through the aisles like they're in a commercial?

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