Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Melissa Manifesto Vol. I

I've started a text document in my Blackberry so whenever I think of something that I believe strongly in, I've been writing it down.  I don't really know what the purpose is, but I like lists and as I get older, I like thinking of what this list will look like over the years.  I should have made one in my teens and twenties - I'm sure it would have looked very different...mostly about shoes and vodka cranberries.

The Melissa Manifesto - The 30 Decade

Vol. I

- That those loud motorcycle noises some bikes make are in the top three most irritating noises of all time.  Above Fran Drescher.  Above nails on chalkboard.  Above "Layla" by Eric Clapton.

- In hugging people goodbye.  And hello, but especially goodbye.

- In merging into the lane at the last possible moment. Someone will always let you in.  Always.

- Being up front if you're not into someone after a first date.  Or a second date.  Whenever, just say it - it's always better than pretending.

- Straight up dating rejection over the disappearing act.  Tell me, I can take it.

- Holding the wine glass by the stem.

- In handwritten letters and thank you cards.

- That "Anyways" isn't a word, but "Anyway" is.

- In never wearing Crocs.  Or Toms.  I just can't.

- In only using Lol if I'm actually laughing out loud.

- Lists repel anxiety.

- Cloth napkins.

- Having things that you prefer to do alone.

- Singing along to songs. Loudly.

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