Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cottage - Year 2

The 2nd Annual Little Clam Wham Bam Thank You Jam took place last weekend and it was another colossal success.  One cottage, 13 people, one bathroom (some people don't think an outhouse counts), and 1 irritating fire ban.


- Surely to be an anuual thing - we swam across the lake and back.  Going there wasn't bad, we were pretty gung-ho, but the wind was against us on the way back and somehow 4 inch "waves" really slowed us down.

Panting, moments after we arrived back on dry land:

- Poor little Dan playing alone on the beach, building a sand hospital with a VIP helipad.  I can't stop laughing at this picture.  And yes, the hat is a remnant from the 1990 Brooks neon collection.

- Literally 6 pounds of bacon were consumed.
- "Body Up" - now my favourite catchphrase and an effective method for conserving water while at the cottage.
- Surely we are a contender for the longest game of Jenga ever:

- We're pretty sure we saw a working girl on the single street corner in Kearney, Ontario.  The cottage john - talk about an untapped market.
- No one got knocked out during hours of attempting wind surfing.  After several close calls, this was a definite success. 

Next year we are planning on incorporating a scavenger hunt.  I've only got a year to make it happen, but I'm sure it will include getting the best rate from the Kearney professional.

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