Thursday, December 1, 2011

Art of the Deal

I've always scratched my head when viewing art like this:

Voice of Fire by Barnett Newman

The National Gallery in Ottawa paid $1.8 million for this in 1989. People freaked out. I have to agree. I know certain art can affect people in profound and inexplicable ways and investing in culture is important, but just think of how many great prints like these we could have purchased:

These are ones that I love and would make me smile each time I see them - and for me, this is what I look to art for.

Hmmm, most of these have to do with water. I think I'm thirsty.

By the way, many of these prints are $20 at, except, of course, for the one I really like...

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  1. Which is the one you really like? Is it the golf pants? I bet it's the golf pants :)