Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend What's Up

I've had quite a few wonderful weekends this past month. I always find that fall is the most social of the seasons - people usually have fewer vacations than in the summer and are therefore around to take me up on offers to come over or to go out. I love hosting people at my house in the fall. Since my backyard is pretty lumpy and full of dueling squirrels, my place isn't the perfect option for summer parties, but the autumn is all mine.

This fall will be about soul-warming cocktails and relaxed evenings with dinner parties and games nights. Last night I used these hide placemats that we were sort of convinced are made from dog. Class all the way.

Weekend Outing #1:

Langdon Hall is one of the most amazing places I've ever been lucky enough to visit. The level of service and luxury is unmatched in this area. However, I have yet to drive there without incident. Snarled traffic jams and wrong turns that take me back to Milton always seem to tie me up. By the time I arrived, I was in much need of the spa, fine dining and impeccable grounds. The staff greeted me by name and the entire time was so fabulous (finally bath robes and unsolicited turndown service!). Have you been? It's pricey, but I recommend it for something special.

It's always lovely to have baked goods waiting in your room.

And a prompt kerplunk!

Weekend Outing #2:

My first foray into the country music scene...yep, I did this. I was invited to a country songwriter showcase at Casino Niagara. We sat and watched a round-table performance about pick-up trucks, dogs on porches and sorrowful twangs about dogs run over by pick-up trucks. Inexplicably, there were two different songs that mentioned Gatorade!? Does Nashville have some sort of endorsement deal or are they all so low on electrolytes down there?

Following our evening's pattern of live music we found ourselves at an awesome 50s/60s concert in the casino - complete with doo wop girls and a old front man.

As you can see from this photo he also liked to rip his shirt off onstage. This man was easily 70 years old. After I took this photo, security came over and reprimanded us - we suggested they reprimand the great-great-great-Godfather of Soul-sucking images I can't get out of my head. (See what I did there? You have to look hard, but it's there.)

My gambling experience is limited to 2 times in Vegas where I lost a cumulative $45 and every time I eat anything from Taco Bell. I always get the highest highs and the lowest lows on the casino floor. And I will cash out for almost any profit. Here I called it a night with $3.75 in my pocket. Luck sure was a lady that night.

Weekend Outing #3:

There was a two year span back in the mid-2000s where myself and a dedicated group would frequent this nightclub called Koi. Yes, we may have called ourselves Koi Krew during that time. It was our "Cheers" bar, except with dancing and more visible midriffs. The other night, perhaps spurred on by nostalgia, I convinced 60% of the original Koi Krew to come over for pre-drinks and then some kickin' it old school.

I lured them here with pomegranate martinis.

Historically, I have not been the most adept at cocktail mixing.

But, I think I'm getting better. Friends, please disregard those watermelon mojitos that somehow had glass in them this summer.
These were actually pretty good.

So, then we went to Koi, well 40% of us did (a.k.a. Paul and I) and I found not much had changed. The music was similar, we ended up in our favourite dancing corner, and the same drunk girls kept smashing their Payless heels onto the top of my foot. I had a good time, but I hit a wall around 2:00am where I had to get out of there. This is what it's like being 30, people.

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