Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Melebration NYC: Finale

The next day was bittersweet - I was pretty exhausted and happy to do nothing for a while, but I was sad for everyone to leave and have the weekend be over. I had planned to stay another night in the city alone so we could have a proper goodbye.

For me & NY, this goodbye involved:

- Just one more Au Bon Pain apple streudel. Okay, two.

- cabbing and walking all over midtown trying to find sushi that was either open or not displaying a "B" grade of Health & Sanitation reviews in the window.

- Sitting in a diner watching the world go by - straw in mouth, smile on face.

- Seeing this deli and eating a couple namesake sandwiches

- Visiting an acquaintance/friend in his amazing and cheap apartment on 42nd Street. Hearing how he came to live/thrive here from Israel was inspiring.

- Seeing this sweater in Bloomingdale's and thinking how far ahead New York is from the rest of the world. In Canada, we still have normal sized forearms. Pffft.

Eventually I had to leave and it was sad. After travelling and staying in Buffalo where I was awoken at 2am by someone entering my room (in BUFFALO!!) I was happy to arrive home. I was even happier to arrive home to this:

My dear friend Tracy somehow convinced my mother to give her my spare key and she went to town. It all made me smile and then I opened the fridge:

Yay!! Who doesn't love to come home to cake?

30 minutes later:

All in all, it was a perfect weekend and I wouldn't have changed a thing - well, maybe I would have avoided being bitten by that weird bug at the St. Regis. My leg was swollen, white and red for 4 days - not sure what that was about. And at the St. Regis of all places?

That's it for Melebration - the 30th edition. I'm thinking the moon for my 40th?

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