Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Melebration NYC: Day 4

The last full day with everyone - by this point we were pretty exhausted from all the long days of walking and touring and the late nights of drinking and dancing. Hmmm, can you tell how zonked I am in this picture?

We went to this great brunch place in the Village with amazing eggs Benedict. Afterwards, we split up and all did our own thing and met back for dinner. For Paul, this meant more knock-offs and getting lost on the subway. This time we went back to the Village to Beauty & Essex. By this point the Manhattan was MY drink - I loved trying it all over the city. It's a delicious sipper. In this picture, I'm at the bar. Natch.

In this one, I have a deformed hand.

We didn't go dancing this night, but instead Ryan, Paul and I spent the night walking about 70 blocks. Walking that long and far is really fun because you pass through several neighbourhoods and you barely realize how far you've walked.

I *heart* NY.

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