Monday, June 27, 2011

Fore The Love of Golf

Golf is the new thing - is anyone else noticing this? I keep getting asked if I play and I always have to relay the following story, to which they always wince.

I worked at the Hamilton Golf & Country Club for several years throughout high school and university and each summer they allowed the staff to have a tournament. The first time I ever picked up a club I was paired with my favourite bartender, fellow waitress and some snot-nosed locker boy punk. Can you see who becomes the villain in my tale?

I was pumped and eager to determine if I was a surprise wonder on the links. Despite the odd divot, look how happy I am!

We start off at the first hole and as I mind my own business, the locker boy winds up for a practice shot with the driver. Oh, he connected all right. Not sure what happened, but the next thing I know I'm down for the count and trying not to cry. That never works. I bawled. The kid's defense: "I thought you were a tree."

Amidst my tears my (ex) favourite bartender thought it would be funny to recreate the scene for a picture.

Holy crap, my legs look like matchsticks. Yes, I was still gangly at 18.

I did get back on the horse a couple times, but the first impression stuck and so, no, I don't golf. However, I am available to drive the cart and fetch drinks should the need arise.

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  1. Was this the staff tournament where I dislocated my shoulder at Vanessa's after party? That day was clearly cursed.