Monday, June 27, 2011

Loopy Eyes

Caricature artists are the new cupcakes - as far as popular event things go. I think they're a great idea (you know, until they're too popular that I'm sick of them) and everyone secretly loves having a cartoon of themselves. So, while I've hired them countless times for events, I am always running around tending to crying brides, Lindsay Lohan's ashtray or a guest who is trying to steal the ice sculpture and therefore too busy to actually get one done for myself.

However, at my last event, since IT nerdy folk pretty much take care of themeselves, I was able to sit still for 7 minutes.
The trick is to come up with something to tell them before you sit down that they can draw you doing - I saw many people walk away with pictures of themselves drinking because they couldn't come up with something more creative. Fresh off my impressive badminton season I threw that idea out there.

Ummmm....not too sure about the outcome. Do my eyes really look like that? Although this version of myself is much more buxom, so that's cool.

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