Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cheese and Cheesy

I think it's a good thing I'm in event planning because I love throwing a party more than almost anything. Although it's way more fun to host for my friends than for clients. Fewer budget meetings, tantrums over the ice sculpture and zero requirement to be kosher. This rainy Good Friday was party prep time:

Tonight's party is for Susan's 31st birthday - it's a formal wine and cheese with a twist. The twist is tacky, and lots of it. Susan wanted to relive the past in the most touching way - through taffeta and crush velvet. Dress code was formal with a preference for retro. If someone wore it to an 80s prom, as a bridesmaid or to any party that served pigs in a blanket, it was a go. Some of the guests were able to fit into their 8th grade dresses, others wore their mother's 60s gowns and others still draped themselves in teal ruffles. It was awesome.

Chris put together 8 hours of non-stop 80s and 90s gems including (luckily) Saturday Night by Whigfield. I didn't want to have to get out my own copy of Much Dance 1995. Whatever happened to Master T?

Chris won the prize for costume with the Most Articles of Clothing That Require Batteries. His light up shirt was activated by music or sound - it was super cool. I now have a reason to go to the Winona Peach Festival this year - gotta get one for myself.

We pretended to care about which cheese went well with which wine (wow, that's a lot of w's in a row) but ended up just going to town on both. Some people were a little creative with their cheese pairings.

Staying true to the retro theme, I made a couple recipes from this cookbook - asparagus rolled up in white bread with cream cheese and bacon - very 70s...and delicious.

Can't go wrong with a cookbook with this motto:

Detachable teal taffeta ass bow - I'm so glad fashion is cyclical. Can't wait for that to come back around.

Happy Birthday Susan!

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